Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions about Newsfeed SmartApps. Feel free to fill out the contact form if you have any more questions.

    Think of a Newsfeed SmartApp as a normal status update but it's interactive in nature. It's like having a mini website, or a branded game, or a video/image with lead gen form for data capture right in the newsfeed. The user interacts with the Newsfeed app in the newsfeed without going to a new tab or window. Most importantly Newsfeed SmartApps are mobile friendly. Normal Facebook apps (or tabs) are not mobile friendly. Also many Facebook apps ask users to "allow the app" to access certain profile details, resulting in huge drop off rates and low engagement. There is no "allow app" in Newsfeed apps and the app doesn't access any profile data. The best way to understand and see how a Newsfeed app works is to visit the Newsfeed SmartApps facebook page on desktop and mobile and have a look.

    Posting a Newsfeed SmartApp on your facebook page is as easy as posting a link. We DON'T need admin access to your Facebook page. Once the Newsfeed app is ready, it doesn't take more than 30 seconds to post on the page. Just write your status update, copy paste a link we share, wait for the default image and text to load, remove the link and post!

    You don't need to have any coding or development experience to create a Newsfeed app. We do all the heavy lifting - Building the app, testing on various devices and platforms, hosting in a secure environment, ensuring analytics and tracking, adhering to Facebook guidelines, advising on best practices of newsfeed apps, etc, is all take care of by our team. All you need to give us is the flow of the app you have in mind and the designs for each screen. We also have an in house design team, so if you want us to design the newsfeed app we can do that as well.

    Absolutely! Why have a product or technology in this day and age that's not mobile/smartphone friendly? Every newsfeed app we build is mobile friendly and it opens in a responsive and elegant way when you browse Facebook on your smartphone using the FB app.

    We ensure that every Newsfeed app we build adhere's to Facebook's page guidelines, contest guidelines and promotion guidelines. Users have to accept terms and conditions which clearly mention that any data collected via the app is information that is provided to the brand and not to Facebook. And that Facebook is in no way associated with this contest or campaign. Newsfeed apps don't (and can't) access your facebook profile or wall and make any unauthorized posts on your behalf. Information that is submitted via Newsfeed apps is completely voluntary. Other guidelines and requirements by Facebook like ensuring there is no like-gating, etc, is also taken care of.

    Yes you can definitely boost a post that's a Newsfeed SmartApp. You have to adhere to Facebook advertising guidelines when you boost the post. The image that appears behind the play button cannot have more than 20% text. If this rule and other key Facebook guidelines are followed you can boost the post as you always do.

    We measure key data about Newsfeed SmartApp usage. For any Newsfeed app, we track metrics like what device did the user access the newsfeed app from, what day/time did they access the app, did they fill our the form, what buttons or sections did they click in the newsfeed app, how many clicked the play button but didn't interact with the newsfeed app, how many clicked the F-share and T-share button in the Newsfeed app, etc. Brands and agencies get access to a robust back end panel where they can login and view this data that's presented in graphs and charts and can even download the data if they want.
    Note: All data that we track and measure is anonymous in nature. So we don't exactly know which user accessed the app at what time and using what device but that a certain user accessed the app at that time using a certain device.

    Newsfeed SmartApps is officially a patent pending product because the patent covers the creation of interactive content on any social network that has a newsfeed. When we say "interactive content" think of all the content you see in your newsfeed now, it's straightforward content like pictures, videos, links, text and ads. None of these are interactive in nature, while Newsfeed SmartApps are highly interactive status updates and content pieces. Our patent clearly defines key elements like what is a social network, what is a newsfeed, what type of existing content is available on the newsfeed and how Newsfeed Apps are a new genre of interactive content in the newsfeed. For more details regarding this please write to us and we can share info. While Newsfeed SmartApps are currently only available on Facebook, we soon plan to launch this for other social networking sites.
    (US Patent File Number: US20160119446 (Know more) | Indian Patent File Number: 5298/CHE/2014 | GCC Patent File Number: 2015/30232 | Patent pending in many other countries as well.)