11 interactive content marketing and engaging game ideas for brands on Facebook using Newsfeed SmartApp posts.

11 interactive content marketing and engaging game ideas for brands on Facebook using Newsfeed SmartApp posts.

With Newsfeed SmartApps brands can make highly interactive and rich media posts playable directly in the Facebook newsfeed! Over 200 brands globally have used this patent pending technology to boost engagement and interaction with their Facebook audience. Here are some of the most commonly used newsfeed app types which have always produced incredible results.

  1. Flip and Match – Brands in the automotive, telecom, food and many other sectors have used Flip and Match type of Newsfeed app with amazing success. We share below a few examples.
  2. – Moto Flip & Match –

    – Peugot –

  3. Scratch and Win – How do you make scratch cards more exciting? Make them available right on the Facebook newsfeed, that’s how! This simple app has been used for voucher and gift card giveaways and met with tremendous success. With this app, users can relive the excitement of scratching a card but in the virtual world and in turn win exciting gifts. Check out this fun app below:
  4. – City Centre –

    – Valvoline app –

  5. Click and Match – Another fun way to engage with your facebook audience is the Click and Match newsfeed smartapp. The mechanics are quite simple but the game is pretty addictive! On the left hand side is a static image, and on the right hand side images keep changing. You have to click to stop the changing images and match the one on the right with the one on the left. Play this demo to see how!
  6. – Autozone gif click and match –

  7. Grab the falling items OR avoid them – Another favorite among many brands is a newsfeed app game where there are elements falling and users have to use the left/right keys to grab or capture these items. Many brands have used this kind of engaging activation.
  8. – Huawei –

    – SanDisk –

    – Gaviscon –

  9. Shoot and Score – This is yet another fun way to engage with the users while connecting the brand with the promotion. Users have to shoot and collect items that keep coming at them randomly and keep clearing stages to make a high score. You can check out one such app here:
  10. – Virgin Mobile –

  11. Run and jump over obstacles OR Run and balance something – These apps are one of the most fun to play and are an instant hit among the users. In these games, users have to either run and jump over obstacles or run while balancing some item. A take on the retro games of the past, they are a perfect platform for product activations or campaign launches. Check out a couple of these apps below:
  12. – Mother Dairy Scoop Run –

    – Reebok Your Fit Your Run –

    – Roshan 3G Hero Game –

  13. Unscramble and Win – Here’s an example of how Nestle’s Nesquik used the unscramble game to engage with and educate their Facebook audience. This idea of unscramble is a great way to keep the audience glued to your newsfeed app. When you add a timer to each question and incentivize with a gift, the traction on the app will significantly increase.
  14. – Nesquik –

  15. Interactive Newsfeed Quiz – We have succeeded in adding the fun in a quiz by creating some really interesting quiz apps for popular brands. Each of these quizzes is unique in terms of communicating what the brand wanted to say while also being a fun way of engaging with its users. Check them out:
  16. – Koffee with Karan –

    – Dettol –

    – Mashreq Bank –

    – Emirates NBD –

  17. Complex Custom Built Games – Every now and then, we come across requirements that make us reinvent the wheel and happily so, we end up making some of the most complex yet entertaining game apps. Each of the apps below have something special about them and the way in which they engage with the users. Check them all out:
  18. – DAC: Users had to spot the dirt in the room and the swipe it clean using DAC products. –

    – RakBank: This was a take on a classic retro game from the past. –

    – Van Heusen: Users had to try to stain their latest stain-free shirt using different items like ink, coffee, and ketchup. –

    – Devondale: In the given time, users had to pour milk in the vessels without spilling it. –

    – Applebee’s: Users had to personalize their drink, give it a name, shake & blend and win a coupon to get their beverage done at Applebee’s. –

    – ENBD Golf Game: This was a mini golf game that was made to promote the Omega Dubai Desert Classic tournament. –

  19. 360-Degree Interactive Games – With Newsfeed Smartapps, we like to push the envelope as far as we can and more often than not, we are able to achieve feats that are incomparable. We all know that Facebook has introduced 360 image support. We took it one step ahead and added a game layer on top of a 360 image. In this game, the users had to spot Pedro, the mascot of Dubai Airports in an interactive 360-degree environment. And on this occasion, the mobile experience was even better than the desktop version since on mobile, the app performed using the gyroscope of the phone. Check out the app here:
  20. – Dubai Airports –

  21. Jigsaw Puzzles – This is another interesting way to make the users connect with the app in a fun and engaging manner. We brought the jigsaw game right on the Facebook newsfeed. The users have to arrange a scrambled image in the correct order to finish the game. Check out the game app below:
  22. – City Centre Sharjah Jigsaw Game –