Facebook activation for Star World's Koffee with Karan: Rapid Fire quiz using Newsfeed SmartApps

Facebook activation for Star World’s Koffee with Karan: Rapid Fire quiz using Newsfeed SmartApps

 Koffee With Karan newsfeed smartapps

Star World India in partnership with Publicis Resultrix, worked with Newsfeed SmartApps to create a fun Facebook interactive post for the launch of the fifth season of their hit show Koffee With Karan. The NewsfeedSmartApp replicated the popular segment of the show, the Rapid Fire round right into the Facebook newsfeed by asking users 10 Bollywood trivia questions. Lucky winners got coveted customized Koffee mugs autographed by Karan Johar!

The user journey was an introductory video by Karan Johar himself asking users to take part in the quiz to win autographed mugs. For each of the 10 questions, users got 60 seconds to answer and the final ranking Continue reading…

BMW 5 Series Social Media Campaign on Facebook: Book a test drive from the newsfeed!

BMW 5 Series Social Media Campaign on Facebook: Book a test drive from the newsfeed!

BMW 5 Series newsfeed smartapps

BMW Middle East has launched a one-of-a-kind interactive Facebook post for the upcoming launch of the all-new 5 Series. serviceplan, who manages the digital marketing for BMW partnered with Newsfeed SmartApps’ patent pending technology to achieve this creative campaign.

The interactive post consists of three sections: a video carousel with 4 videos, highlights about the new BMW 5 Series, and a test drive request form. Through this post, users can experience the 5 Series like never before and know about all the features of the car right inside the Facebook newsfeed. Prospective buyers can book a test drive for the BMW 5 series right from the newsfeed!

valentine's day newsfeed app

Valentine’s Day Social Media Ideas: Using Newsfeed SmartApps.

The ideas we’ve shared for Valentine’s Day are generic in nature. Do share any briefs you might have for any brands that are keen to use Newsfeed SmartApps for valentines day, we will be happy to share specific ideas based on a brief. As always all these ideas/concepts can be tweaked and customized as per the brand look, feel, guidelines, etc. Look forward to working on some fun campaigns with your team for Valentine’s Day!


Create your Valentine’s day GIF or Video.

Wish your Valentine with a customized animated greeting. This Newsfeed App gives a variety of animated templates to choose from.

All that needs to be done is to choose your favorite template, insert your name along with your message, enter valentine details to be sent to your loved ones in the form of GIF/Video. Users can also add images to the GIF if they want to.

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11 interactive content marketing and engaging game ideas for brands on Facebook using Newsfeed SmartApp posts.

11 interactive content marketing and engaging game ideas for brands on Facebook using Newsfeed SmartApp posts.

With Newsfeed SmartApps brands can make highly interactive and rich media posts playable directly in the Facebook newsfeed! Over 200 brands globally have used this patent pending technology to boost engagement and interaction with their Facebook audience. Here are some of the most commonly used newsfeed app types which have always produced incredible results.

  1. Flip and Match – Brands in the automotive, telecom, food and many other sectors have used Flip and Match type of Newsfeed app with amazing success. We share below a few examples.
  2. – Moto Flip & Match –

    – Peugot –

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ogilvy huawei newsfeed smartapps

Ogilvy Dubai launches innovative Newsfeed SmartApp for Huawei Arabia.

Huawei Arabia newsfeed smartapps

Huawei Arabia has launched an innovative interactive Facebook post to engage with their audience for the launch of the NOVA Plus smartphone. Memac Ogilvy, who spearheads digital strategy for Huawei partnered with Newsfeed SmartApps patent pending technology to launch this creative engagement.

The interactive Facebook post is a full-fledged game where users must “collect” 4k video, 2-day battery and 16-megapixel camera’s in the game to transform the smartphone into a Huawei NOVA Plus for a chance to win the phone itself. Team Ogilvy’s out of the box thinking helped Huawei launch this unique activation where users play a game in the Facebook newsfeed while learning
about the phone’s key features.

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newsfeed smartapps

Facebook Content Marketing for Automobile brands using Newsfeed SmartApps

In the past few months, we’ve launched some amazing Newsfeed SmartApps for automobile brands like Chevrolet, MINI and Peugeot. Each interactive post had a different objective and target audience and they all achieved amazing results!

Chevrolet Malibu

An all-in-one Newsfeed SmartApp for the all new 2017 Chevrolet Malibu! In the interactive post users can learn about features using hotspots. They can watch the video and take a quiz as well. To top it off, users can inquire or book at test drive from the Newsfeed!

Chevrolet's Content Marketing strategy for Malibu: View car features and book test drive from the Newsfeed!

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Edelman’s Zeno Group launches Newsfeed SmartApp for Devondale Vietnam

Zeno Group and Motorola Vietnam newsfeed smartapps

In yet another successful activation, Edelman’s Zeno Group, Vietnam has partnered with Newsfeed Smartapps for their client Devondale Milk. Devondale is Australia’s No. 1 dairy company and they supply to many regions like Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, etc. The newsfeed smartapp was developed to highlight the benefits of using the 1litre pack for Devondale.

It is interesting to note the vision behind the app idea for Devondale Milk. Users have to show the love for their family by sharing milk from the Devondale 1litre pack by pouring it in vessels for the family without spilling it. They have to do this within 60 seconds. The game also featured a “family health meter” that kept a track of any spilling. At the end of the game, the users had to submit their scores. Top 10 scores were entitled to win prizes. There were two important aspects to note in this activation:
1. Through a challenging game, the users kept coming back to play the game again to better their scores.
2. With the 1-litre carton as the centrepiece of the game, the connect with the brand was instantly made.

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Christmas and New Year Social Media Ideas: Using Newsfeed SmartApps interactive Facebook posts.

Christmas and New Year Social Media Ideas: Using Newsfeed SmartApps interactive Facebook posts.

Social media and facebook in particular is a great way to engage with your audience to wish them during special occasions like Christmas and New Year. With Newsfeed SmartApps, you can make that engagement more interactive, participative and immersive. During Ramadan, we shared many interesting social media ideas for Ramadan that brands used to engage with their audience.

As Christmas approaches we share with you 14 fun, engaging and interactive Newsfeed App campaign ideas. We look forward to working on some incredible Christmas campaigns with you for your clients.

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Digital Marketing in the Middle East.

Digital Marketing in the Middle East.

Over the last decade, digital marketing has evolved and the Middle East has been at the forefront of adapting to new digital marketing technologies and innovations. With digital marketing budgets ballooning in the last 5 years and a growing population on social and mobile, brands are spending more time and resources on their digital channels whether it’s for content creation, targeted media buying or customer service.

The Middle East and Dubai in particular are quick to embrace and experiment with new digital marketing products and technologies. We felt the same thing with Newsfeed SmartApps as well. Even though this is a global product, the most innovative and engaging use cases of Newsfeed SmartApps has been in the Middle East. Ever since our launch in early 2015, social media teams in Dubai, Qatar, Oman, Saudi, etc, have used Newsfeed SmartApps for various activations. Newsfeed Smartapps have been used in US, UK, Singapore and many other regions, but the Middle East has launched the most creative and digitally engaging activations using Newsfeed SmartApps.

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