Why is Newsfeed SmartApps a patent pending product?

Why is Newsfeed SmartApps a patent pending product?

Newsfeed SmartApps is officially a patent pending product because the patent covers the creation of interactive content on any social network that has a newsfeed. When we say “interactive content” think of all the content you see in your newsfeed now, it’s straightforward content like pictures, videos, links, text and ads. None of these are interactive in nature, while Newsfeed SmartApps are highly interactive status updates and content pieces.

Our patent clearly defines key elements like what is a social network, what is a newsfeed, what type of existing content is available on the newsfeed and how Newsfeed Apps are a new genre of interactive content in the newsfeed. For more details regarding this please write to us and we can share info. While Newsfeed SmartApps are currently only available on Facebook, we soon plan to launch this for other social networking sites.

Details of our patent numbers and filing:
1. US Patent File Number: US20160119446
2. Indian Patent File Number: 5298/CHE/2014
3. GCC Patent File Number: 2015/30232
(GCC member states are Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates
4. Also patent pending in Singapore, Australia/NZ, many European countries, Canada and many other countries as well.
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zeno group newsfeed smartapps

Edelman’s Zeno Group partnered with Newsfeed SmartApps for Motorola Vietnam

Zeno Group and Motorola Vietnam newsfeed smartapps
Edelman’s Zeno Group partnered with Newsfeed Smartapps to launch a creative newsfeed smartapp for their client Motorola. The newsfeed app was developed for creating more engagement on their Facebook page amongst the fans and creating awareness about features of Moto phones.

Through the newsfeed app, Zeno Group and Motorola Vietnam achieved a spectacular feat of getting the perfect engagement for their flagship phone by creating a Flip n Match game. Users had to flip cards to match pairs with the phone’s various features such as the 21 MP camera, turbo charging, lasting battery and such. The users had a countdown timer to finish the game for an added challenge. The app performed exceedingly well with hundreds of users taking part.

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Newsfeed SmartApps help increase Facebook engagement

Newsfeed SmartApps help increase Facebook engagement.

When we were building Newsfeed SmartApps few years ago one startling metric we discovered was 71% of time spent by users in Facebook was on the newsfeed. This we estimate might have only increased to 80-85% with more users accessing Facebook via smartphones. When users are bombarded with content in their newsfeed, how do you stand out and how can you engage with your FB audience in the newsfeed and get more ROI for every post? And when you know they’re not visiting your brand Facebook page, how do you engage/interact with them?

The solution lies in Newsfeed SmartApps. Think of them as a super status update or a power update. An update or a post that’s not just a video or photo but something that’s highly interactive and captures the users attention. Something that helps your content stand out in the newsfeed! Newsfeed SmartApp technology enables brand pages to post highly interactive content, let’s take a look at some examples to understand how brands leveraged Newsfeed SmartApps to boost engagement and improve interaction with their FB audience without them ever having to leave the newsfeed!

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Newsfeed Apps are Interactive Posts on the Facebook Newsfeed.

Did you know that from late 2014 to mid-2016 over 150 brands have used Newsfeed Apps to engage with their audience? Newsfeed apps is a revolutionary product that enables brands to create interactive posts for their Facebook page. Newsfeed apps are mobile friendly, easy to post, can be promoted as a boost post, has robust back end analytics and is patent pending. Global agencies like Havas, Ogilvy, Cheil, Starcom MediaVest, Omnicon and many others have partnered with Newsfeed SmartApps so they can deploy this innovative solution for their clients.

Havas Chicago worked with us to launch a Newsfeed SmartApp for AutoZone USA where users could scratch to reveal a new product and unlock a link for a discount. This is a great way to use newsfeed apps for coupons and promotions.
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Ramadan Social Media Ideas: Engaging Newsfeed SmartApp (interactive fb post) ideas for Ramadan!

Ramadan Social Media Ideas: Engaging Newsfeed SmartApp (interactive fb post) ideas for Ramadan!

As Ramadan approaches we share with you 24 fun, engaging and interactive Newsfeed App campaign ideas. We look forward to working on some incredible Ramadan campaigns with you for your clients.

  1. All Newsfeed SmartApps are fully customizable in terms of look, feel, flow, etc. They can be tweaked as per the brand and as per the planned Ramadan campaigns.
  2. We HAVEN’T included simple apps like – Ramadan Quiz, Survey, video/slideshow with CTA, etc. Only interesting and creative app ideas are shared.
  3. We expect many projects during Ramadan, so we request quick approvals and detailed planning so we can deliver in a timely manner.
  4. Let us know if you require more ideas that are specific to your clients/brands Ramadan campaigns, we will be happy to share! Request you to visit our FB page www.fb.com/NewsfeedSmartApps to see more apps we could build. There are many more apps there and if something looks interesting that you’d like to use for Ramadan, we will be happy to customize and build it.
  5. For some apps there are demos, the others we have visuals to illustrate.


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