E-commerce digital marketing from Flipkart: Interactive Facebook Newsfeed SmartApp to boost engagement.

E-commerce digital marketing from Flipkart: Interactive Facebook Newsfeed SmartApp to boost engagement.

E-commerce digital marketing from Flipkart

India’s leading e-commerce player, Flipkart, has launched a Newsfeed SmartApps interactive facebook post for their Perfect Buy campaign that focuses on the big home appliances category. Using Newsfeed SmartApps patent pending technology, Flipkart launched an interactive game playable in the facebook newsfeed where users learn about the unique advantages of buying on Flipkart and they also had a chance to win vouchers worth Rs. 50,000!

The newsfeed smartapps post was essentially a runner style game where a user must jump over brick and motor stores and simultaneously try to balance boxes. With some smart information placement in the game design, Flipkart could promote the benefits shoppers get while shopping for big home appliances on their platform. The 5 benefits – Best Brands, Great Price, Assured Service, Best exchange, Best Warranty – are effectively communicated through game mechanics as users had unlimited tries to play the game and top the leaderboard for Flipkart vouchers.

Kartikeya Bhandari, Sr. Director, Brand Marketing at Flipkart added, “Our vision is to be India’s most preferred destination for Big Home Appliances and our category communication task is to establish “Get the Best of Everything” on your big home appliances. In our endeavor to establish the proposition in an interactive way, we have engaged with Newsfeed SmartApps to come up with a Perfect Buy Challenge game which could be played from the facebook newsfeed itself. This was an innovation which helped us up the overall engagement significantly.”

CEO of Newsfeed SmartApps, Mr. Adhvith Dhuddu shared, “Flipkart is known for their innovative marketing approach and our technology gives brands the ability to create rich and interactive experiences in the Facebook newsfeed. This was a perfect synergy because we ended up creating a truly unique interactive experience which helped communicate the most important aspect of buying home appliances on Flipkart – the 5 unparalleled benefits. User traction was incredible and the campaign we’re glad the campaign was extremely successful.”

The newsfeed smartapp which is live on Flipkart’s facebook page has already seen some great participation levels. Hundreds of thousands of users have played the game, vying to win gift vouchers from Flipkart, all from a single Facebook interactive post. Users can click here to access to the game.