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Facebook Content Marketing for Automobile brands using Newsfeed SmartApps

In the past few months, we’ve launched some amazing Newsfeed SmartApps for automobile brands like Chevrolet, MINI and Peugeot. Each interactive post had a different objective and target audience and they all achieved amazing results!

Chevrolet Malibu

An all-in-one Newsfeed SmartApp for the all new 2017 Chevrolet Malibu! In the interactive post users can learn about features using hotspots. They can watch the video and take a quiz as well. To top it off, users can inquire or book at test drive from the Newsfeed!

Chevrolet's Content Marketing strategy for Malibu: View car features and book test drive from the Newsfeed!

Infiniti QX60

The idea was to showcase the interior of the QX60 in a unique manner. So what came next was a never-seen- before experience for the users with an element of fun. The users had to locate hidden tokens inside the 360 environment and had to ‘look around’ to fetch them. The mobile experience was even more unique with the users getting the option to find the tokens by looking around using the phone’s gyroscope.

Mercedes E-Class

This app was part of the launch of the 5th gen E-Class. Users had to answer 3 interesting questions about the new E-Class and every time they’re right, 1/3rd of the car would get revealed. After 3 correct answers the whole car would be unveiled and participants had a chance to win coveted Mercedes Benz merchandise.

Mercedes Benz social media activation on Facebook

BMW 5 Series

This interactive post consisted of three sections: a video carousel, highlights about the new BMW 5 Series, and a test drive form. Through this post, users coul experience the 5 Series like never before and know about all the features of the car right inside the Facebook newsfeed. Prospective buyers can book a test drive for the BMW 5 series right from the newsfeed!

BMW 5 Series newsfeed smartapps


Want to win a $5 coupon from AutoZone? You’ve got to earn it by playing this fun game. In this Newsfeed SmartApp, match the product on the left to the one on the right and you unlock your AutoZone coupon! All this right in the Facebook Newsfeed.


A fun Newsfeed App game where users had a chance to win tickets to the Dubai International Motor Show and visit the Peugeot booth. In this newsfeed app, you have to remembers the cars on each tile and then click to match them. Complete the task in as few clicks as possible for a chance to win! Check it out below.

MINI Go With Your Gut campaign

This was a simple Newsfeed App where users watch the campaign video and then proceed to upload their own “Go With Your Gut” video. Newsfeed SmartApps technology allows users to complete the full journey from watching the video to uploading their entry right in the Newsfeed on the status update.

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