SanDisk's innovative interactive post using Newsfeed SmartApps!

Innovative Content Marketing strategy from SanDisk using Newsfeed SmartApps interactive posts.

Innovative Content Marketing strategy from SanDisk

SanDisk has a range of hard disks for different devices. Camera’s, smartphones, laptops, tablets, desktop, etc. How can you creatively educate a user about which SanDisk product is right for them? With a fun game that tells you the right product for the right device and OS!

The game flow begins with a screen that talks about SanDisk’s different products. Once the user begins the game, they are asked to select a device (mobile, laptop, desktop or tablet) and then they need to pick an OS (Apple, Andriod or Windows). Based on their selections, the app shows the user what SanDisk products are right for them and those are the products they must “collect” in the game. Players then have 60 seconds to score as much as possible!

This was an amazing use case of our technology to engage, educate and entertain users of SanDisk. The campaign was very successful and used by SanDisk in the Middle East and Africa regions.