Interactive content marketing in the Facebook newsfeed by McDonald’s using Newsfeed SmartApps.

Interactive content marketing in the Facebook newsfeed by McDonald's using Newsfeed SmartApps.

We all have friends who we share similarities with. But more often than not, the differences between you and your friends are what compliments those friendships perfectly. On Friendship Day, 22 Feet Tribal partnered with Newsfeed SmartApps to capture this idea with the creation of the Difference-o-Meter for McDonald’s. An interactive personality comparison quiz that lives on the McDonald’s Facebook timeline, bringing friends together.

The game is a fun interaction where friends are asked to use the Newsfeed SmartApp to determine how different they were from their friends. Driving home the concept, “You are different, but still together”. When a person starts playing the Difference-o-Meter, they have to answer 10 personality based questions. They are then asked to challenge their friends to take the quiz too, to find out how different they are from each other. After the challenged friends complete the quiz too, they are told how different they are from their friends. Thanks to Newsfeed SmartApps’ patent pending technology, the brand successfully pushed the concept that they wanted to promote in a unique and engaging multiplayer engagement, all happening right on Facebook timelines of the brand and of the friends who participated!