How Emaar used innovative content marketing tool Newsfeed SmartApps

Luxury Real Estate Digital Marketing: How Emaar used innovative content marketing tool Newsfeed SmartApps

Emaar used innovative content marketing tool Newsfeed SmartApps

It’s never easy to get one’s attention in the facebook newsfeed with content being bombarded from many brands and pages. Luxury real estate marketing on social and digital is tricky, but we helped Emaar use our interactive posts technology to get users attention and experience Emaar’s new Dubai Creek Harbour right in the newsfeed.

UAE’s premier real estate company, Emaar Properties, has launched a Newsfeed Smartapp to exhibit its latest offering, Creek Rise – Dubai Creek Harbour. The app was launched to showcase the various amenities and features of the property on offer.

The newsfeed smartapp consisted, primarily, of four sections that a user could view right in the FB newsfeed post –

  1. Highlights: This showed the beautiful panoramic views that the apartments had to show.
  2. Video: This section had the promotional video that elaborated on the views from the apartments, the waterfront view and such in vivid detail.
  3. Request Call Back: This section had a simple form to accept inquiries from interested users. The data from the form was redirected to Emaar’s backend system to sort through and respond.
  4. Brochure and Payment Plan: This took the users to an external link where they could find out more information about the property and payment plans on offer.

Newsfeed Smartapps is an innovative platform that is also extremely flexible and adapts the brand’s tonality and language of communication, whether it’s serious or fun. This app was an example of how this platform could be moulded to easily showcase a brand’s premium offering through the use of some groundbreaking technology on Facebook.