Say hello to Interactive Videos for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Say hello to Interactive Videos for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Did you know that on Facebook, over 500 million people are watching videos every day? On average a person watches at least 15 minutes of video per day on Facebook! Did you also know that video is the most consumed content on Facebook compared to images, GIFs or links? So from a marketing perspective, you can probably understand why brands would want to capture at least 3 of these 15 minutes of a person’s attention. Attention, that is undivided, all in, and part of their everyday media consumption.

You are also aware that if a user watches just 3-seconds of a video, it’s considered as a video ‘view’. So when it comes to video, what does “success” really mean? Naturally, it is something marketers and brands worry about when they try and tap into this bustling video highway. People will say, make the first 3 seconds interesting, or, make sure you capture their attention and ask them to mute the video on Facebook in the first 10 seconds. What if we told you that we had something even better, more powerful, and pretty exciting to share with you.

Say hello to Interactive Videos playable directly in the newsfeed! Powered by our patent pending technology, Newsfeed SmartApps, this new innovation will make you rethink how videos should be shared on Facebook with your audience. We share different use cases and scenarios that illustrate how interactive videos enhance the video viewing experience and retain the user for a longer time period than a normal video.

E-Commerce, Retail, Fashion.

We learned that shoppers who view brand related video are close to 2 times more likely to purchase than non-viewers. So we built this interactive video where, as you watch, you can click on the dresses you like & they get added to a cart that you can explore anytime!

With around 500 million people watching videos on Facebook every day, marketers can target people who are interested in a multitude of things with video. With Newsfeed SmartApps, we can make that delivery even richer, more measurable, and can seal the deal from right inside the video!


And how about automotive companies who understand the emotional connection people have with their machines:

Food, Restaurants, Supermarkets

The Food Network racked up 1.2 billion total views in 2017, which makes sense since we are perfectly aware and generally happy about the fact that recipe videos have taken over some of our Facebook feeds!

Tourism, Travel, Experiences, Airlines,

Along with travel comes the inevitable stories and posts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. What do videos on all of those platforms have in common? They’re vertical! So why not have a Newsfeed SmartApp with a vertical interactive video too!

This is just the beginning. Get in touch with us, and we can create amazing things together with our collective creative energy, pushing brands forward and giving consumers richer, more intuitive experiences.