Social Media Campaign Ideas for Mother's Day on Facebook: Using interactive content tool Newsfeed SmartApps.

Social Media Campaign Ideas for Mother’s Day on Facebook: Using interactive content tool Newsfeed SmartApps.

Occasions like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are good opportunities for brands to humanize and make an emotional connect with audiences on social media pages. Every brand probably has a campaign on these days, but how can you stand out? If done right, there’s huge potential for mothers day and fathers day campaigns to be noticed and talked about. One sure way of doing things differently is to deploy interactive facebook posts using Newsfeed SmartApps for a Mother’s Day campaign. We share a few idea’s on how brands can leverage interactive facebook posts and create memorable Mother’s Day campaigns.



A newsfeed app where users have to share their best Mom Moments. It will then be created into a GIF or a Video that the user can share on their wall or share on WhatsApp as a link, or on email, twitter, etc. The user journey is such that they have to share:

– Mom’s best food: ______

– Mom’s best advice: ________

– You lovingly call mom: ________

– Optional – Enter your mom’s name for further customization.

– Final screen – Pick one wish for Mom (from a choice of 3 mother’s day wishes) Wait for GIF/Video to be created. View and then share. GIF’s can be branded ones.


Blast from the Past with Mom & Me!

The idea of is to create a GIF or a Video that showcases old and new images of mom, OR mom and you!

The user decides how many pictures they want to update – 2, 4, or 6. If they pick 2, then they have to upload 1 image from the past and one from the present. If they pick 4, again they have to upload 2 from the past and 2 from the present and so on.  Once uploaded, pick a theme and we can create the final GIF/video. That can be shared on the users wall, shared as a link on WhatsApp, FB messenger, twitter, etc.


Mother’s Day Wish List

This mother’s day, we give you a chance to pamper your mom! 10 lucky moms will receive hampers that were selected by their children. The user journey is simple:

– You browse through various available mom giveaways – vouchers for spa or dining, etc.

– You get to pick any 3 from a showcase of 10-15 vouchers.

– Submit that and enter your name, your mom’s name and why she deserves to win this hamper.

– On Mother’s day 5 or 10 lucky winners are announced and they win the wish list that they’ve picked. 


Virtual Scrapbook!

Create a Virtual book of memories you and your mom have shared through the year. Add custom messages, photo collages, stickers and photo effects. A link will be generated with the album where users can share it with their moms via various mediums.


Mom Badges!

Pin the badge that best suits your mom. Add a photo of your mom and select the “Mom Badge” that suits her, view image and share on social media. Image can also be shared as a link to WhatsApp, messenger, Twitter, etc.


Mother’s Day Deals/Offers

Simple newsfeed app where you showcase all mother’s day deals and offers. It will have an image, deal details and can also link back to any e-commerce store if required. We can even have a sign up or get deal button where they enter their name, email, number and the deal info can be sent to them via SMS or via email.


Thank you Mom

Another simple newsfeed app that is just a collection of all thank you notes that fans submit. The user journey is quite simple – Once the user enters, they can either submit a thank you note to mom or view other thank you note’s. 5 best thank you notes can win special vouchers.


Can you fix it?

Take Some beautiful quotes about Mothers – Example – Life doesn’t come with a manual. It comes with a mother.

This quote will be scrambled and users will have to unscramble the quote to win prizes.


Quote your Mom

Share your favourite quote which your mom tells you all the time. Choose from the various templates to show it off to the world!