Newsfeed Apps are Interactive Posts on the Facebook Newsfeed.

Did you know that from late 2014 to mid-2016 over 150 brands have used Newsfeed Apps to engage with their audience? Newsfeed apps is a revolutionary product that enables brands to create interactive posts for their Facebook page. Newsfeed apps are mobile friendly, easy to post, can be promoted as a boost post, has robust back end analytics and is patent pending. Global agencies like Havas, Ogilvy, Cheil, Starcom MediaVest, Omnicon and many others have partnered with Newsfeed SmartApps so they can deploy this innovative solution for their clients.

Havas Chicago worked with us to launch a Newsfeed SmartApp for AutoZone USA where users could scratch to reveal a new product and unlock a link for a discount. This is a great way to use newsfeed apps for coupons and promotions.
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Emirates NBD used interactive facebook posts for insights, engagement and lead gen


Emirates NBD is a respected and widely known brand in the banking sector in Middle East. How do you find out via social, what products your customers are using and what other products existing or new customers could potentially use? Can Facebook be used to record interest for a certain banking product?


With Newsfeed SmartApp’s interactive posts technology we could achieve just that! A simple survey that takes no more than 30-40 seconds and we gather some incredible insights. Thanks to the seamless user experience right in the Newsfeed, you have high conversion rates of users actually answering questions that some may find boring. Emirates NBD was able to learn more about their customers and also collect valuable feedback.

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