SanDisk's innovative interactive post using Newsfeed SmartApps!

Innovative Content Marketing strategy from SanDisk using Newsfeed SmartApps interactive posts.

Innovative Content Marketing strategy from SanDisk

SanDisk has a range of hard disks for different devices. Camera’s, smartphones, laptops, tablets, desktop, etc. How can you creatively educate a user about which SanDisk product is right for them? With a fun game that tells you the right product for the right device and OS!

The game flow begins with a screen that talks about SanDisk’s different products. Once the user begins the game, they are asked to select a device (mobile, laptop, desktop or tablet) and then they need to pick an OS (Apple, Andriod or Windows). Based on their selections, the app shows the user what SanDisk products are right for them and those are the products they must “collect” in the game. Players then have 60 seconds to score as much as possible!

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E-commerce digital marketing from Flipkart: Interactive Facebook Newsfeed SmartApp to boost engagement.

E-commerce digital marketing from Flipkart: Interactive Facebook Newsfeed SmartApp to boost engagement.

E-commerce digital marketing from Flipkart

India’s leading e-commerce player, Flipkart, has launched a Newsfeed SmartApps interactive facebook post for their Perfect Buy campaign that focuses on the big home appliances category. Using Newsfeed SmartApps patent pending technology, Flipkart launched an interactive game playable in the facebook newsfeed where users learn about the unique advantages of buying on Flipkart and they also had a chance to win vouchers worth Rs. 50,000!

The newsfeed smartapps post was essentially a runner style game where a user must jump over brick and motor stores and simultaneously try to balance boxes. With some smart information placement in the game design, Flipkart could promote the benefits shoppers get while shopping for big home appliances on their platform. The 5 benefits – Best Brands, Great Price, Assured Service, Best exchange, Best Warranty – are effectively communicated through game mechanics as users had unlimited tries to play the game and top the leaderboard for Flipkart vouchers.

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22feet partners with Newsfeed SmartApps to launch interactive Facebook experience for Nike.

Nike Social Media Campaign on Facebook using Interactive Content Newsfeed SmartApps

Nike newsfeed smartapps

22feet Tribal Worldwide has partnered with alivenow’s Newsfeed SmartApps patent pending technology to launch an amazing interactive experience in the Facebook newsfeed for Nike Running. As a part of the digital activation for NIKEiD, 22feet and Newsfeed SmartApps conceptualized and unveiled the interactive Facebook post where users could customize and create their own pair of Nike’s

Nike Running users could customize their upper from 5 available options, then customize the swoosh and a text that appears on the shoe and instantly see the custom Nike they’ve created. With newsfeed smartapp technology, Nike could bring the complete experience of customizing the NIKEiD and picking a goal right to the facebook newsfeed.

Adhvith Dhuddu, CEO of Newsfeed SmartApps shared, “Working with 22feet is always a wonderful experience. We’ve collaborated with them previously for Newsfeed SmartApps when they used our technology for Titan, eBay India and Van Heusen. In fact, 22feet is the first agency in India to work with us for this technology and it was for Titan JUXT. The Nike campaign is special to us because of the brand and what they wanted to achieve with Newsfeed Apps. We pushed the boundaries to build this interactive experience so users could customize and create their favorite NIKEiD’s on their favorite social media platform, Facebook!”

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ogilvy huawei newsfeed smartapps

Ogilvy Dubai launches innovative Newsfeed SmartApp for Huawei Arabia.

Huawei Arabia newsfeed smartapps

Huawei Arabia has launched an innovative interactive Facebook post to engage with their audience for the launch of the NOVA Plus smartphone. Memac Ogilvy, who spearheads digital strategy for Huawei partnered with Newsfeed SmartApps patent pending technology to launch this creative engagement.

The interactive Facebook post is a full-fledged game where users must “collect” 4k video, 2-day battery and 16-megapixel camera’s in the game to transform the smartphone into a Huawei NOVA Plus for a chance to win the phone itself. Team Ogilvy’s out of the box thinking helped Huawei launch this unique activation where users play a game in the Facebook newsfeed while learning
about the phone’s key features.

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