Why is Newsfeed SmartApps a patent pending product?

Why is Newsfeed SmartApps a patent pending product?

Newsfeed SmartApps is officially a patent pending product because the patent covers the creation of interactive content on any social network that has a newsfeed. When we say “interactive content” think of all the content you see in your newsfeed now, it’s straightforward content like pictures, videos, links, text and ads. None of these are interactive in nature, while Newsfeed SmartApps are highly interactive status updates and content pieces.

Our patent clearly defines key elements like what is a social network, what is a newsfeed, what type of existing content is available on the newsfeed and how Newsfeed Apps are a new genre of interactive content in the newsfeed. For more details regarding this please write to us and we can share info. While Newsfeed SmartApps are currently only available on Facebook, we soon plan to launch this for other social networking sites.

Details of our patent numbers and filing:
1. US Patent File Number: US20160119446
2. Indian Patent File Number: 5298/CHE/2014
3. GCC Patent File Number: 2015/30232
(GCC member states are Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates
4. Also patent pending in Singapore, Australia/NZ, many European countries, Canada and many other countries as well.

Here’s an abstract from our US patent filing. You can read more by clicking here.

System of news feed over a web platform
US 20160119446 A1

The present invention is based on a computer program product that is adapted to be executed on a processor that is placed in a client-server environment and on execution it is adapted to enable the processor to perform a given set of steps. A request of a web service is made by a client computing device to a server computing device. This request is sent over the web service and at least a newsfeed by the server computing device to the client computing device. The web service is then displayed onto the client computing device, and further generates a news feed interface within an area of displayed web services. The news feed is then displayed onto the interface which then enables the client computing device to interact with the interface. The computer program product is a web service, which is a social networking web platform.