newsfeed smartapps

Interactive posts that work directly on the Facebook Newsfeed!

Easy to Post

Takes less than 30 seconds to post a Newsfeed app. No admin access needed.

Works on Newsfeed

It's like a normal status update but works directly on the FB newsfeed.

Mobile Friendly

Newsfeed apps are mobile and tablet friendly. Tested across platforms and devices.


Newsfeed app posts can be promoted as a boost post. (Must adhere to FB guidelines.)

No allow app

Users are not asked to allow app, all information collected is voluntary.

Sharable & Likeable

A newsfeed app post is like a normal post, so with one click users actually share the whole app (i.e. the status update.)


Robust analytics for every single newsfeed app. Back end access given to account managers.
[See Demo Dashboard]

Patent Pending

Newsfeed SmartApps is patent pending in US, UK, GCC & many other countries. See FAQs for more info.

Newsfeed SmartApps is a patent pending innovation that let's brands post rich, engaging & interactive status updates on their FB pages resulting in higher engagement. With Newsfeed apps deploy engaging games, quizzes, surveys, mini-websites, data collection apps, videos or product slideshows with call to action and any interactive element right in the newsfeed!



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