What kind of Newsfeed App are you looking for? Depends on your brand, audience and the campaign objective. Could be an interactive game for engagement, could be a survey with lead gen or an informative newsfeed app with product details. Browse through various examples and our blog for more. Or tell us and we can help with Newsfeed app ideas.


Once you know what kind of Newsfeed app you need, the first step is to design the app. Our agency partners usually design the Newsfeed app as per specs we share. Our internal design team can also help in Newsfeed app design.


Once the designs are approved, we do all the heavy lifting and the app goes into development. It's tested on all devices and environments, optimized for best performance and shared with you for final testing before launch.


Posting a Newsfeed app on your page doesn't take more than 15 seconds. We don't even need admin access to your page! It's as easy as posting a link. The Newsfeed app can then be promoted as a post if required.


The incredible back end helps you track every in-app action in the Newsfeed app. How many users opened the app, what devices did they access it from, what buttons did they click, what data did they share and much more.

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Browse through Newsfeed SmartApps use cases and examples. Click below to view.